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Estate Planning

Pinventory can help you help your clients with the estate planning process. When they have a complete inventory and know what they have, it can help them simplify the process.


Our software also allows them to designate who desires an item or to whom they will gift an item. This enables them to produce reports for asset distribution purposes, or anyone to whom they grant access to their account.

Insurance Planning

Pinventory can help you, and your clients, with insurance planning.


To prevent people and companies from underinsuring their contents, insurance companies often impose a coinsurance penalty on those that are underinsured by 20% or more.


For example, if your client had $300,000 in contents, they would be required to maintain an insurance policy covering no less than $240,000 in contents. If they paid less than $240,00 for the policy, the insurance company has the legal right to deny the claim or prorate it based on the percentage of insurance coverage that they have.


With our inventory software, your clients will have an up-to-date inventory, simplifying the process of determining the correct insurance coverages that are needed. They can be confident that they are not overinsured or underinsured and that they are safe from co-insurance penalties.

Critical Documents

When settling an estate, representatives and/or family members will need access to many critical documents. Will they know where they're located?

With Pinventory, your clients can create a list of all their critical documents and where they are located, this information will then be available in an easy-to-generate report. 

Family members will no longer be stressed trying to find the necessary documents to settle their loved one's estate.

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