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Welcome to our Testimonial Page!

Hear our customers share their experiences with Pinventory. From homeowners to business owners, discover how Pinventory has helped them protect what matters most. Explore these real stories and see how Pinventory can make a difference for you too!

We'd love to hear about your experience with Pinventory! If you've found our service helpful in managing your home or business inventory, would you mind sharing a few words about it here?

Your feedback can help others discover the benefits of using Pinventory.

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““We found Carol to be extremely helpful, thorough and knowledgeable as we put together a home inventory for our new home. She educated us on the important attributes, led us through the process, and delivered an easy-to-use and complete end product. We highly recommend Carol and Pinventory to others!”

~ T.G. & M.G. Massachusetts

Pinventory Personalized Client


"I was very impressed by Carol's professionalism and the secure and confidential approach she provided."



Pinventory Personalized Client


“As a homeowner who lives in a hurricane zone, I have used Pinventory since 2021 and upload it quarterly. Pinventory’s customer service is five-star; when I recently wanted to download my inventory data in printed reports to add to my safe deposit box, they went above and beyond what was needed to guide me through the steps necessary to do so. My family home was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, and I spent months afterward piecing together a FEMA claim using scrapbook photographs and what receipts were still on hand. Never again. Based on that experience I recommend Pinventory highly and urge readers not to wait to record their belongings from top to bottom. I learned from FEMA that without a photograph, you cannot include an object in a claim. Please, everyone, take those photographs today and use all of Pinventory’s options for saving your records, papers and visual data!.”

~ S.W.,

South Carolina

February 2024

Pinventory Home & Business Client

“A comprehensive, easy-to-understand course on a service that will help so many of my clients. It taught me everything I needed to know to conduct a thorough inventory and provide a high-quality end product to my clients. I’m so glad I took this course!.”

~ Kathy Druffner,

Druffner Professional Organizing

All Things Inventory Academy Student


“"We have been doing estate and storage inventories for a few years... I took my classes on my home computer, all were clearly outlined, and the pace was just right. Carol calmly guides you through the desktop version, then takes you into the app. She was full of great tips throughout, right down to the final presentation for the client... Home Inventory Academy really stood out to me because of its finished reports and fabulous customer service that they offer.”

~A Clear Path

(Professional Organizer and Senior Move Manager)

All Things Inventory Academy Student


"“As a Certified Professional Organizer ® and Certified Senior Move Manager®, I needed both training and tools to be able to complete home, business and moving inventories, to name a few. Pinventory and All Things Inventory Academy are essential to my ability to serve our clients’ inventory needs with efficiency, detail, and professionalism. Carol has been an amazing resource throughout the training process as she is a wealth of knowledge! Her teaching methods are top notch with video tutorials, practice sessions, community support and weekly virtual meetings. She gets to know her students to really understand their needs, and for professionals, how to market their inventory services and choose the right staff for providing the inventory service. I just can’t say enough good things and can’t wait to really get this off the ground in my market! Thank you, Carol!”"

        ~ Nicole Ramer, CPO®, SMM~C®

        Lakeland, Florida

        January, 2024


Pinventory Personalized Client


Carol brings her personal experience into the service, which is why she is so passionate about it. She has a wealth of knowledge on the insurance industry, and knows exactly what information is critical for making claims. This knowledge is what makes Pinventory so useful and Carol's past experience with systems makes it so functional."


Great system and service!

~ Gary Levy

Pinventory Home & Business Client

Feeding the Chickens

Carol is in her eighth (8th) year of consulting to our family-owned business.  She initially helped us with HR, but her projects grew to include, as examples:


  • helping us obtain organic certification,

  • compliance,

  • inventorying our business equipment for insurance planning,

  • setting up a training center,

  • formalizing and heading up our HR department, which has more than doubled since she started with us

  • obtaining PPP for us during COVID and even

  • grant writing, securing us a $4.2 million award for expansion from the USDA – her very first grant effort. 


Whatever Carol tackles, she succeeds at doing it with professionalism, researching and implementing standards that are customized to our operation.  I confidently recommend Carol to any type of family-owned business.

~ Goffle Road Poultry Farm

Pinventory Personalized Client

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