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For Service Providers

Moving and Storage Labels

You can now add your clients' boxes to their inventory. From there, you can even generate labels for each side of each box that include items like the contents, who owns it, and where it's going. You can also create a master report that lists what boxes they have, where they are located, what is in them, and additional information.


It is a great way for your clients to track their collections using custom fields. 

We currently have custom collection fields for wine, records, sports cards, and book collections.

Is there a collection your client is looking for that we don't have? Let us know, and we will be happy to create it for them!

Insurance Claims

With the increase in climate-related disasters, having an inventory is more imperative now, than ever. Help your clients protect what they own by setting them up with a subscription to Pinventory.

By using our inventory software, you can generate and store their inventory on a secure web server that they can access whenever they need to, from anywhere they have internet access, protecting it from theft and natural catastrophes.

Critical Documents

What would your clients do if all their critical documents were destroyed by a flood or fire?

Critical documents are crucial when recovering from a natural disaster. Insurance companies, FEMA, and other disaster relief agencies will ask for copies of these documents to prove your clients are entitled to aid.

They can securely save a copy of these documents to their online, highly encrypted inventory. That way, they have copies of their documents for proof if they need it.

Estate Planning

Pinventory can help your clients with the estate planning process. When they have a complete inventory and know what they have, it can help them simplify the process.


Our software also allows them to designate who desires an item or to whom they will gift an item. This enables them to generate reports for asset distribution purposes, or anyone to whom they grant access to their account.


Our API interface with Maxsold makes it easy to downsize the contents of your client's home.

With just a couple clicks of the mouse and a MaxSold account, you can help your clients quickly send the items of their choosing to auction.

Downsizing the contents of your clients home has never been simpler!

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