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New Revenue Stream

With the increase in climate-related disasters, having an inventory is more imperative now, than ever.


Pinventory's All Things Inventory Academy teaches you how to create inventories using Pinventory's software, which has many useful features that will help your clients with important life events such as:

  • Insurance and disaster planning.

  • File insurance claims when necessary.

  • Determine the correct amount of insurance needed to protect their homes and businesses from being underinsured and subjected to coinsurance penalties.

How we support you

We want your new venture as an inventory specialist to be successful and we provide extensive support to ensure it is including:

  • 5 Modules that teach you how to create an inventory.

  • 2 Modules that help create a business and roll out plan.

  • Reusable worksheet templates to assist in cataloging your clients' inventory.

  • Direct access to me, with unlimited support.

  • Access to the All Things Inventory Academy Facebook page.

  • Once you've completed the course and have received 5 testimonials, you'll be listed in my service provider directory on my website (one-year free).

  • Marketing materials.

  • Three free months of Pinventory.

All Things Inventory Logo.png
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